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Winter Wyvern shirt


Actually, it's just Winter Wyvern from Dota2. But it could be wight-Drogon...right? XD

I think it looks best on the navy blue and black shirt.

You can buy it here (men's shirts) :…
(women's shirts) :…

All my other dota2 tshirt designs here : valvestorecommunity.welovefine…
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Just ordered this, love the design :)
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Looks wonderful - I love the overal coloring and color-shading-transitions, together with all the small (and larger) swirls and stuff around this dragon.
And I agree with you - black background looks awesome :)
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can I send one to new york? Please anwer my question 
RafaLucci's avatar
Hey Sandara, how do I make arts for valve? :c I'm from Brazil and can't find a way to get the license
TacTheScribbler's avatar
Holy jeez. I had to read the description to find out if it was the new ARK Ice Wyvern model. The resemblance is uncanny; I wonder if WildCard was inspired by Dota. XD

Either way, your work is beautiful!
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I love this design and the colors!
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I bought one! I'll send you a note when I get it! <3
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Thank you! 
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It can be pose as Viserion xD
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Wicked design! Wow! 
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Clap Wow! Amazing design!
AgataCzerw's avatar
wow, awesome design :D
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Holy heck this looks awesome and now I really want one lol
Alecto3263827's avatar
That is really cool! I think it looks best on the black shirt. The illustration is stunning!
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Woah, I really like how crisp the illustration is. 
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Nicely done.
Checking out the site. Thanks.

Checked out the site....Cool t-shirts!   
My son wants two! I hope to get them soon.

You will do well!
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I don't like in America, so no shirt for me :P
gendemo's avatar
When I get a little extra cash, definitely!
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... 0_0 I want... that's all i can say.
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I know next to nothing of DOTA, but I know I dig badass dragons, and I haven't gotten a sweet shirt in a while...
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