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White Dragon

This was commissioned by
This dragon will also be for sale in limited quantities at Gencon Indianapolis as a playmat!
This one is very slightly different from the playmat version.

You can get it as a laptop skin or cushion here :…

:iconnielshakmusic: Niels Hak has again composed a beautiful piece, based on this image.
Please listen to it here!…
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I love the face like *I ate your cows* Dragon: *GAAAAAAAASPS* no you didn't!!!!

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there is a dragon quilt store on Facebook using your art as their header. They might possibly have other stolen artwork from other artists. Not sure but they are located here.

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What would you name such a dragon?
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Bahamet the Platinum Dragon
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What's this dragon's elemental affinity?
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I think it might be wind, judging by from the baby picture of this and other dragons, how the baby version was playing with the leaves floating around them, and how the adult version here is beating his wings, making the dust fly around them along with their mane.

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Does it have a name?
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My personal favorite
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I have this playmat, thanks to PAX Unplugged. Awesome!
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Hello :)
I found this website selling a lot of t-shirts and printed canvas, and I found a canvas with your drawing. Since I do not know if you allowed this website to sell your art, I preferred to inform you about.
Here is the link of the canva with your white dragon —>…
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That is a great dragon picture.
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Desert Dragons stay in the desert and do not require water for thirst, they tend to live in deserts since it's their habitats. They would often attack anyone if they show harm to them.
Desert Dragons like this one stay in the desert - that's why there is civilisation elsewhere on that world :)
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Its cool.. but... this looks very similar to this drawing here.…
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They don’t look very alike at all, although the pose is kinda similar. Also just saying there is not very many different poses you can do with a dragon.
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Hello! There is a dragon group on facebook that I discovered. A majority of the artwork posted do not give credits to the artists and I found yours on there. :( There is a lot of stolen art there. 

Here's a link to it so you can report it as stolen intellectual property if you'd like to:…
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I've seen this all over the place
Its good to finally find its creator
Nice job
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Really Cool Dragon!
Really Slow Motion....

Seriously, that's the name of a music group that posts music on Youtube, posting a piece called The Ancient One with this picture as the artwork. They posted the link to this pic which is how I found it, so I thought I'd post their link here to return the favour.…
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