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Prep for my demo tomorrow.
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Simply epic <3<3
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ooh another fave fantasy creature 
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He looks very angry and hungry for revenge and more! great art work.
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looks like a gnoll
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Hi,I'm in need of three custom prints. Love your style. Can you please email me at Thank you. 
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This wonderful piece is being featured for Feral Friday on our facebook page: Fan of Fantastic Fantasy…
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Me gusta *___*
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ohh this is awesome!
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RAR you cant beat me with your puny arrows only pure silver can kill a werewolf....wait...did i just say that out loud just know :iconhomerdohplz:
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Yes, yes, yes, yes!! I love werewolves.... and this is pretty amazing.
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Nice job, looks like the wolfs in Grizzleheim in wizzard101.
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Great work I sent you a note!
Love it ( but wrongly thought it was a Gnoll )
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I am sure you don't know know what i'm talk talking about I am going to say Bone Gnawer Homid maybe Gallard Athro on his last rights. if you don't know I'll explain it another time 
this is making me itch to go get my katana out XD
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looks like Hogger reached lvl 90
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This reminds me of League of Legends. Like Ashe and Warwick fusion. :o
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I went pew pew but than I went Oh **** NO! run run! =D so lucky to get away.
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now, that's a sexy beast! too bad he's hurt and all that :(
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