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Viper Item Build Loading Screen


edit :

It's nice to see that (probably) GabeN agrees they tie the shoelaces together and sling the boots around their necks.
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Still don't understand why Viper needs boots to move faster. If this proves anything, they would just slow him down.
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Haha, this is so great and obviously so funny too. Your art is incredible!
Heikevp's avatar
Ah! :D I love this! <3
BonkiHart's avatar
NOW there is a new update and Viper looks better than ever! :D

any thoughts of redoing this artwork? =D
MateTakats's avatar
I'm a simple Dota player. I see Viper, I get cancer. It's good tho :D
ShakeThatS's avatar
I don't get those boots :v
PunCake4Lyf's avatar
Haha those boots tho
eklo54's avatar
Is he/she a giant?
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hahaa this is awesome...
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Darkness... Pain...
My friend says there should be one boot as on the icon
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I always thought they came in pairs. I mean, it's ridiculous enough for say, Io or Viper here to carry a pair of boots around, but just ONE boot? Can you imagine a hero with actual legs like Drow Ranger, and she's got only one boot on one of her feet, and her regular shoe on the other....
Well there is as much logic as in carrying boots if you have no legs. But yes, it is ridiculous
D3athbycupcakes's avatar
Pfft, the boots xD
IooGustavo's avatar
lol literally nice viper <3
Brandoch-Daha's avatar
Very beautiful glow on those greens!
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