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Fighting some wolf-things
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OddDoggo123Hobbyist General Artist

Ah yes my favorite image, wolves trying to save the foal from his deranged serial killer mother

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OddDoggo123Hobbyist General Artist

And getting hurt or dying in the process

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I love the horn upgrade -- looks dangerous and magical. :)

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IyoboiSaitamaNew Deviant


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SlingBlade87Professional Writer

Yikes, this is intense!

Lovely action work and I positively adore the design of the unicorns. Really great work.

It gives me some ideas as well, would you mind if I were to write a scene taking inspiration from this?

I'd of course link back to your work and give full credit for the inspiration.

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IndigoWizardHobbyist Digital Artist

Looks like a Ki-lin to me

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Shadica1stClassHobbyist Traditional Artist

Beautiful work, but... poor wolfie

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Well, he called them wolf-things.Perhaps they are not wolves, but wargs

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Galidor-DragonProfessional Digital Artist

Love how dynamic this looks! That horn is such a wonderful color.

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This is just awesome. The curved and glowing horn is just an amazing look for a unicorn!

Don't suppose its possible to buy a print of this somewhere?

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PokkinHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hiya! Would you like to do an art trade? here's an example of my art:

Neko Nation Facet
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girlgunnerHobbyist Writer

I think these wolves have gotten the point.

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Sparky-LurkdragonHobbyist General Artist

Stunning piece! I love the frantic energy in the mother's motion and the way the unicorns' horns glow.

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AmemA2020New Deviant

really amazing

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Rhino vibes

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This is amazing! One of the coolest depictions of unicorns ever! You always see them as dainty and fragile creatures, but this takes it to a new level!

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Hard-core unicorns!

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One of the coolest version I've seen of unicorns. Great work here!

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Kiwi-R Artist

Very very nice!!! This reminds me of a book I used to have as a kid. It was all about unicorns, and even had pictures of all different kinds of unicorns too. I really miss that book. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Lesson of the day is; don’t fuck with unicorns.
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Wow, very dynamic poses. Those unicorns seem to be in a tight spot

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