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Another paint over.
The machine thing behind the boy is Boston Dynamic's BigDog robot.
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After how many, or decades the ruins of a city. What happen to the city the people the structure ! 
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Que profundo enfoque le diste, me parece muy hermoso!!!
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Wow. Boston Dynamics made it into artist perception. Killer picture by the way.
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Wait...that left building looks like an hdb flat...and if you look closely you see a red and white thing...looks like Singapore flag haha!!
Is that so?
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I've just found your work and I must say I like it. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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you are always great Rage Petting is sensual! OMG 
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Stark 'nature and futuristic civilization' contrast. Cool!
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This is so great. I wish i could do this also
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Looks like the NYC HighLine before they renovated it
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Two words:
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Amazing work, love it 
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Reminds me of Romatically Apocalyptic... with less of Zee Captain
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Amazing picture! I'm feeling the loneliness and wide open space of nothingness.
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I knew I recognized that robot from somewhere. Cool scene!
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Your entire gallery is most impressive! Ironically this wonderfully prescient rendering caught my eye since there is actuality, an old stretch of abandoned overhead rail in New York that has been reclaimed and converted to a pedestrian park that looks quite like this, complete with walking path, benches and even shared gardens and has become very popular with the local residents.
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Nice work. Love it
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looks like a scene from an Andre Norton book.
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thats the future :D

salute everyone :P
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this nature part is exactly what I need to learn how to do... awesome art!!! Could you tell me where can i get these brushes?
Whoa, what happened here?
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Love the use of BigDog.  Although I wonder how the boy got one?

Beautiful backgrounds too.
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The detail is mindblowing - love it
Jane Ianniello
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