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The dragon and the stick salesman (NYP demo)

This was my demo for the NYP students. It was about 2 hours, with an additional 1/2 hr touch up afterwards.

My thanks to the NYP students; you were a great audience and I hope the talk was of some help and inspiration to you guys. :)


The stick salesman - you know, that little guy holding a stick in a lot of environment concepts/illustrations.


Photos were used from and dreamcatcher-stock.deviantart.…
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"You DARE to come to sell STICKS to me!?" The Dragon roared and took into the air as the tiny salesman ran for his dear life...
OnuaSurge's avatar
Welp. He's fucked.
lizardwizard444's avatar
awesome and the title made me laugh hehe
Fishbely's avatar
"Sh*t run!  Other Way!  Sh*t run!" -Citizen  (ACB)
peterhoogeveen's avatar
Freaking awesome! :D
Avis-o-meter's avatar
NYP? Nanyang polytechnic? 
Akium's avatar
super awesome. definately one for the favorites.
StudioMikarts's avatar
Goodness gracious, that dragon is unbelievably massive! Great use of atmosphere to get the size across :D
Joltsgal's avatar
This looks amazing!!
Dorshiffe's avatar
I think the image would have more impact without the two characters.
Squiddy-chan's avatar
Stick salesman. That made me laugh. xDD
Tarkus108's avatar
I wish i could draw as good as you ;3;
DarylLaRocque's avatar
i love the this concept :D hahahaha
YaraFerreira's avatar that the same guy from last illustration? If yes, I think he may have a problem with dragons...kkkkk
just kidding ^^ great work as ever!
creativewithreason's avatar
Omg I wish you were my teacher ;_;
Sw33tTo0tHz's avatar
You inspired me to keep improving my drawings. Sitting in the lecture theatre and watching you explain while drawing just blows my mind, because you can make such a beautiful scene in just around 2 hours. It tells me how time and practice can make such a big difference to one's drawing. I really enjoyed it! Thank you!
sandara's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Dowlphin's avatar
... and then they hugged.
Jshinncreative's avatar
Brilliantly illustrated... Love the colours, shapes and textures from the buildings, dragon and the sky...  :D <3
thebingbang's avatar
oh, I love this! 
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