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The World According to Humphrey

Just a quick 1 hr doodle of Humphrey.

My son is nuts about the Humphrey books, I read them to him almost every day. It's a good thing there are so many of them!
He kinda resembles Puffy, our hamster that just passed away too.

personally I think Humphrey is a bit over-dramatic and thinks too highly of himself!
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he's so cuutee!
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Aw he's so cute! Sorry for your loss though :(
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This was my book childhood!!! <3
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soooooooo cuuuuute!
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What an awesome artwork! Despite it is a doodle, it looks really funny and cool =)
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I read this book when I Was in 1st grade... Memories..
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this looks so cuuute :3
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You're wonderful work has been featured MyLovelyPet 
Lucy's Favorites Vol.#70. :love:
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I read these books when I was way too old for then say kid sister brought them home from school.
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I used to love those books! He looks so cute!
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I love the Humphrey books! My heart lit up seeing this amazing piece.
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They're a bit more clever than they let on. A friend of mine had a hamster named Virgil. He had learned how to unlock his cage while his owner was a away on vacation and I was pet-sitting. His roommate was a cat. Needless to say, I panicked when I came home from work one day to find his cage open and he was gone. The little jerk was hiding under the fridge.
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At least you found him! XD 
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OMG - I love this picture!  I'm not familiar with Humphrey (guess I better check him out), but this reminded me of my pet rat when I was a kid (well, a younger one - will always be a kid at heart).  I always left Demi's cage unlatched, so he would roam at will in my room, he rode everywhere in my bicycle basket, and would chase my chickens all over the yard - such fun!!!  Thanks for posting such an upbeat picture - brightened up my day!!!
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