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The Radiant

It's now up on Steam workshop :…

If you like it, please help me rate! :)

Thank you!

EDIT - no more Riki! Thanks to FyreMermaid 's suggestion, I have added Shagbark the courier instead. Now it's a 5 man team and makes more sense. Also, Shagbark is just so darned cute!


In anticipation of the main events at The International 4, here's my Dota 2 fan art!

Some of my favorite heroes from the Radiant side.

Nature's Prophet - YES of course my number 1 fav hero. By my shaggy bark, he's the best.
Tiny - Always good for a laugh
Enchantress - She's so cute, even though your team is feeding like crazy, you'll still feel cheerful.
Treant - So steady
Ursa - So badass
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yeah, good team )