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The Radiant

By sandara
It's now up on Steam workshop :…

If you like it, please help me rate! :)

Thank you!

EDIT - no more Riki! Thanks to FyreMermaid 's suggestion, I have added Shagbark the courier instead. Now it's a 5 man team and makes more sense. Also, Shagbark is just so darned cute!


In anticipation of the main events at The International 4, here's my Dota 2 fan art!

Some of my favorite heroes from the Radiant side.

Nature's Prophet - YES of course my number 1 fav hero. By my shaggy bark, he's the best.
Tiny - Always good for a laugh
Enchantress - She's so cute, even though your team is feeding like crazy, you'll still feel cheerful.
Treant - So steady
Ursa - So badass
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yeah, good team )
This is awsome bro, can i use it in my thumbmail? Thank you in advance!!
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This is awesome!
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Man!! this is amazing!! just love all ur dota 2 arts <3 <3
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Superb work! The soft coloring and atmosphere in the BG really makes the foreground figures pop. Incredible piece overall
How do you make this ? do you use a computer program???? omg Im jsut not an artist.......this is unbelievable...................amazing
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Yes, I use Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. It's like traditional painting, except it's done digitally on a PC.
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Great composition. Love the piece. But, I would think Tiny should be in the back. You know, like a mountain.. Just saying... Great work none the less. :)
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This artwork is absolutly awesome and would be a great loadingscreen!
I'm a huge fan of Shagbark and Enchantress. :)

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but could you hand out a (paid) 16:9, 1920x1080 version of this picture,
which can be used as a desktop wallpaper without stretching this one?
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Drop me a note. :) I'll send it to you on Monday. 
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How amazing is this!!! ♥
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nice! good luck getting this in to the game! :D
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Beautiful illustration. I really love the mystical vibe this image has. Awesome work!
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I love your artwork !
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Is see that you -Riki... I havent seen it with riki but i want to! But yeah it makes more sense and its amazing!
trent-redfern's avatar
*has not played World of Warcraft since wrath of the Lich-king.... stares at the strange leafy ram thing just left of the middle*

what the...?
Spex9000's avatar
this isn't warcraft, its DOTA. 

never played DOTA, but it looks a lot like warcraft doesn't it?
trent-redfern's avatar
the guy in the middle is a dead ringer for one of the characters in WoW, forgive my ignorance.

but still, the question stands.... *points to the creepily smiling ram-thing*.... What the? o.0
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You were thinking of Malfurion Stormrage. The "creepily smiling ram-thing" is a courier created in the same hero's motif, it's Shagbark (Reference to one of Furion's lines in the game). But, if you already knew that and was just kidding.. Ignore this :D
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I have no idea.
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So detailed and clean so nice in look :)  

Hi can i have the PSD Files for it? I want to see how you made this one :) 
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