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The Mouse-dragon

By sandara
A rendered image of a drawing my son originally made. :)
Mouse Dragon by sandara
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© 2020 - 2021 sandara
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Now this mouse really roars!

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Seeing adults make realistic renditions of children's drawings is always a treat. Awesome!

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Amazing! I love it!

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The royal beast of this kingdom’e heraldry:
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I love seeing reworks of kids' drawings!

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All hail the Mouse Dragon! Bestow upon it tithes of cheddar!

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awww, both are so cool.

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The flame breath is beautifully done.

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So that's The Mouse That Roared.

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LOVE this picture... where do I throw money at you for a print?

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Hi! You can purchase it here :

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Good work!


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Awesome concept,good thing your son came up with it

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That's awesome giving your son's imagination a more rendered life , value those moments, treasure them and like the art, let them live on forever

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Too bad, the mouse-dragons went extinct...

is it available as a playmat? or is it possible to buy a high res from it to print a custom playmat?

is there any chance to have a playmat partner in the EU, as the Gamermats shipping price (35$ for a 25$ playmat to Hungary)is a bit off :'(

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I'm sorry, I think they are primarily for US market.

Your art as a Magic card:

Gift of Ember
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It looks so legit XD

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