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The Ballad of Titha Mae cover

This is the cover I did last year for Jon B. Dalvy newest book.
You can purchase it here :…

"Titha loves her father, Theole, with all her excitable heart. The two are indigo-skinned Lunas: a spritely people forbidden to leave the treehalls of Yythengrey. So when their once friendly Dawnfather, the twisted dragon Vulduun, desecrates their homeland and kidnaps Theole, no one is willing to risk saving him – except his daughter, Titha Mae. Such a brash gesture leads the little Luna and her Bear-brother, Paw, on a fantastical journey far beyond the only foliage-filled mountains she’s ever known."

Sounds very exciting! :D
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It's my new wallpaper ! :)
OK, I may just have to check out this book. And I love your art.
I read the entire Ballad of Titha Mae on an 11 hour road trip this past weekend and I really enjoyed it and I recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy stories.  It's also cool that it is based on stories Jon Dalvy told his younger sisters growing up. If I had children of my own I would definitely read it to them. This is one of two novels I have purchased in my life that was initially based on just the cover art. Obviously I had to also be interested in the synopsis of the story as well.  It is said you can't judge a book by it's cover, but I say you can if the artist does a good enough job of bringing the story to life in picture form. Great picture sandara!
May I purchase of copy of this artwork?
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I’m sorry, this belong to the person who commissioned the image.
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You are very talented. This looks so fun I want to just walk into this scene!
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Oh, my, WORD! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! That sounds absolutely EXCITING! :happybounce: 
I think I really should read this book by Jon B. Dalvy. Greetings 
Really neat and enchanting cover art, Paw the bear looks so cute! Meow :3 F2U BULLET | Brown Bear 
This deviation is totally +fav'd! :D (Big Grin)
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She's the best at what she does! And thank you so much - hope the book finds its way to you!
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You're welcome, Jon! :D
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the landscape alone is breathtaking! and the way the lighting interacts with the character in such a natural way is remarkable (the bear especially!)
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Great work ! :D
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Gosh the lighting on this is amazing. I really love nighttime scenery.
D-r-e-a-m-Catcher's avatar
So beautiful, the colours are just lovely!! Heart 
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Superbe travail, bravo !
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tht bear looks so fluffy... the moss so stog this is very pretty
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Wow, this cover truly makes me want to read the book! The lilac and indigo atmosphere and all the shading are so masterfully executed! This also seems like high fantasy... very exciting!
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So glad you love it! I've been an avid fan of Sandara's for years and knew she was the perfect artist to capture these two for the cover. Thankfully she could, and I can't imagine the book without her unbelievably gorgeous work. Hope the book finds its way to you and that you enjoy!
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