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Sparkle Kitty Dragon

A very fluffy, sparkly, cat..dragon.
Done for Breaking Games for their upcoming game Sparkle*Kitty Nights!
It was a small white kitten in the original Sparkle Kitty game, but got upgraded to dragon-size for the spin off game. :3

here is its partner dragon : Sparkle Kitty Dragon 2 by sandara

Check it out!…
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DUDE! Everything you do is soooooo awesome!

I was thinking you were lit before I even made a DA account when I saw Merlion after just googling "Deviantart"

So awesome! You are truly a blessing to this world.

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What an absurdly cute dragon.

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Do a sparkle puppy dragon or something! ;-)
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OMG! My email (now spam email) since I was 13 is purplekittendragon. This piece made my day!!
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LOL I love the name
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See...when people say they think sparkle cats/dogs are dumb...I just wanna rub shit like this in their face. I love this piece so much you don't even know.
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"Awwwww" "here kitty kitty kitty"........ " ROAR!!!!! GRRR!!!!" "ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" *sparkle kitty drago eats idiot*
Me: *evil laugh*....... "what a moron"
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interesting..lion ? :giggle:
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Mom!! Can we keep it?!
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Looks like it got taken straightway from some fairy tale. Amazing! We need more cat-based dragons CURSE YOU!
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"Aww, man, we gotta placate that thing somehow! Where's that can of Friskie's or Fancy Feast?!"
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looks kinda like lunastra. nice
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It looks amazing, I love especially the face and expression, as well as use of warm colors beneath the dragon. 
Wish the wing was darker though, it screams for a lot of unnecessary attention, when we really are supposed to look at the head. The dragons body generally gets too light in some places, which really ruins the 3D effect and nice detailing. 
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Is there any tutorial on how to draw dragons that you would recommend? I desperately wish to learn but I don't know where to look and what to search for. Any tips? Thank you :D
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ok mishu mishu mishu
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