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Skull Cave

By sandara
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Environment done with a 3D base and photo textures.


textures from
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Reminds me of Temple Run
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Perfeito Parabéns
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hmph..and here I always thought the Phantom's hangout was in the Deep Woods...Wink/Razz 
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Looks like temple run….Hi! 
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I said this outloud, I totally agree! 
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Indiana Jones and the city of skulls! XD IDK just an idea! lol
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your art is absolutely amazing. I really love it. The atmosphere and feelings that it elicits is as watching a cool hollywood movie :-)

Really great !

Two friends and I founded a tiny startup that is ambitious to create app games which feature really awesome art from great artists - far from what is standard at the app stores right now ...

If you are interested in general and would like to get in contact with me for further discussion of a possible cooperation I would be excited to hear from you.

Please mail me at

Looking forward to hopefully hear from you,

all the best


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Indiana Jones on the right.
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Hello I have featured your work here… :skull:
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It does seem like you're referencing Temple Run... but I know that wasn't your intention. Excellent job.
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You must be so tired of the Indiana Jones and Temple Run comments right now hahaha :rofl:
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It makes me regret painting everything so straight. XD
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Haha don't! They're just comments. Lovely painting as always!
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very cool concept ... drawn incredibly well!
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So THIS is where you go if you finish Temple Run...
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very cool piece! Great atmosphere and mood!
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Temple run! :D

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