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Sherlock + John

By sandara
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from BBC's [Sherlock]
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BlackNigmare3Student General Artist
Lol !!!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Cricky-VinesHobbyist General Artist
This is really cute!
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OH MY GOSH!!! Sherlock would have 20 in intelligence and wisdom and maybe perception also.   This is freaking AWESOME!!!!
Heart 3D 
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OH and Mary would be a rogue, Moriarty would be a Warlock also, and Mycroft would be a wizard. Oh and John would probably be a healing focused cleric. 
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Sal-the-InkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Why does this remind me of something out of Dungeons and Dragons?

cuz that's like the only medieval thing i know
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AHHH!!!  This is so cute!!! 
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flipperfire113Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sherlock the Warlock lol
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Hades & Hermes, I love this, haha. :D 
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73eyondHobbyist Artist
Original, I like it, Sherlock the detective Doctor Strange Wink/Razz 
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JadithTBelleHobbyist General Artist
Sherlock reminds me of Doctor Strange...  0_0
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They're played by the same actor LOL
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Omg I realised this is like Bravely Default!!
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KuroHitsujiDreamsHobbyist Writer
Cool! reminds me a bit of playing the game RO ahahahha. Makes sense seeing Sherlock as a Wizard and John as a Cleric/Priest... xD
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TheLokiPencilerHobbyist General Artist
YESSSS this is the best thing! It's like they're from D&D or something.
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JustaMereArtistHobbyist Artist
Magnificent! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 
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greengersStudent General Artist
I cannot stop looking at this picture I love it so much!
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JulietteOnlineHobbyist Artist
Wow , awesome!
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flamestar360Hobbyist General Artist
I dont know what is happening in this picture but its amazing.
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and on what kind of game is drawn art? .з.
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Ambria-Cast General Artist
when might and magic work as one......
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Kain-EralfHobbyist Digital Artist
Sherlock with black magic... ohhhhh my....

So what class is Moriarty then?
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Necromancer or Wizard. (Wizard=/=Black Mage)
Kain-Eralf's avatar
Kain-EralfHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm just sayin' that his outfit reminds me of that of a Black Mage from Final Fantasy... he's just missing the hat.
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