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Shaking hands with Death

By sandara
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A tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett.

I have read his books while growing up and they're a huge influence on me.

"We should aim for a good and rich life well lived, and at the end of it, in the comfort of our own home, in the company of those who love us, have a death worth dying for." Terry Pratchett, rest in peace.


My favorite Discworld book is Feet of Clay, totally brilliant. Hogfather and Night Watch come a close second.
For non-Discworld books, my fav has got to be Good Omens. I remember the first time I read it, standing in a second-hand bookstore and laughing my head off. People must've thought I was mad. :D


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But he's not wearing his potato! <3 This is brilliant and heart breaking and joyful, thanks for sharing. Super late comment, been awhile since I've logged in.

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Absolutely amazing. Have you got a version of it where top of scythe is not cropped on the edge?

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And he never got to tell us if the Great A’Tuin is a ‘he’ or ‘she’.
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TP one of the most grassiest writers. We always look back to the beginning of time - love, our living experience can become something real - more evil we create, more darker loves looks like, at some point it can complete disappear for whom who forget to be a child, keep love real!
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" Hello D- ... ... eathness* my old Friend ... ... " :XD: :laughing:
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sandara, this is such a touching tribute! Would you consider possibly making this available to purchase? I'd love to have a print of this!
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Hi, you can just download this image ( it’s already at the highest resolution I have ) and print it yourself. It’ll be cheaper for you that way. :)
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Bleu-AceHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was very sad when he passed, his books taught me that fantasty could be anything, and that it also wasn't the usual tropes we were accustomed to.
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What an amazing tribute!  
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ChiaraLily9Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love this image, it's so thought provoking
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Love this. So much. My favourite is Small Gods but I had the exact same experience with Good Omens... read it on a plane and laughed until I cried.
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Do not know that artist. B-) Glad he such a fan to send him off though.

I never thought of Death having a personality or anything but
if that would be the case and I have to meet him one day, lets say
" Damn it was about time. " P.I.G. (Practical-Pig)

Hopefully no one will cry about my leave. Death is too alluring after getting the right experiences of enlightenment.
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
He's Terry Pratchett (assuming that's what you were wondering). He wrote the Discworld series, in which Death is an important character (read/watch The Hogfather to get an idea. Here's a good summary of both).
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KeybrakerHobbyist Interface Designer
This is just perfect, I saw that on reddit and wanted to cry from joy, Its beautiful just beautiful.
I am certain Sir Terry P's encounter with Death was like this !
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Beautifully done. 
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Very moving. Thank you for this wonderful picture Heart 
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SofffieHobbyist General Artist
This is absolutely beautiful! Terry Pratchett is my favourite author, and there are still discworld-novels left that I don't know yet.
Hogfather and A hat full of sky are my favourite ones, I think.
And Good Omens too, I've read it so many times now and it never gets boring.
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Brilliantly beautiful ! Heart 
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My father has died.This is giving me such a comfort that he has left on a new journey.This is a beautiful piece and I am using it as my desktop
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My condolences. 
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Beowulf1976Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Em Gee. Also Millenium Hand and Shrimp. Buggrit!

This is just... WOW WOW WOW Can I please save this and fiddle with sizing so I can have it as my wallpaper? I love it! (just noticed it's downloadable - stolen! :D )

Terry Pratchett is my ultimate favourite author, his works got me through the worst times of my life, (with my ex) I would find wonderful solace in his works of the discworld.

My first Favourite Discworld Book has to be The Hogfather. Then my favourite series are The Watch, The Witches and Death in no order of favourites. :D I have to confess I've not read any of his other works because I'm too hooked on the disc.

Now... I really should actually comment on your wonderful wonderful piece!....

I love how you have depicted the doorway between worlds, how you have drawn Pratchett with such amazing detail, how the light falls on his face, how he looks like he's dressed all in black for his final outing. I think I imagined that Death would be a little taller than that, but I don't know how tall Pratchett is. :)

I completely love all of it!

Thank you for remembering him in such a beautiful way!

I am going to share this on Facebook and link to your profile, I love it that much!
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R.I.P Terry Pratchett. You'll never be forgotten!
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