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flying with the seagulls. :)
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Reminds me of Kiki's delivery service. Fun happy picture Great work!

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I love how free and adventurous this piece is! Makes me wish I could fly along side the flock like her!😍

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Cute and a lot of fun. :D

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Everyone else: Reminds me of Kiki.


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I love the Ghibli vibe this gives off!

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I can just hear 'I want to Fly' in my head!

This is amazing! It reminds me of “Kiki’s Delivery Service!” 😄
AtomicKawaii's avatar

This is so cute! I'm getting Miyazaki vibes in the best way <3

MidonLynx's avatar

Kiki's delivery service?! :O

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This is so cute! I love the expressions of the cat and witch, and I also love how to seagulls are thicker in presence on one side than the other. It's like the witch is leading the flock almost, or the flock is swarming and flying through and around. The sense of motion is definitely there, and it's great. :D

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Ooooo kawaii! :nuu:

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Seagull carry me over land and sea... :)

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Love the Kiki vibes of this 😊

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This is beautiful.

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I agree, it has a strong Studio Ghibli vibe :)

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what a joyful happy artwork:love:

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Your "new" style is really cool! :clap: :la:

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Oh this is so cute I love it!! :love:

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That's beautiful, reminds me of "kiki's delivery service". Like a part two: Kiki's taking a break and goes on a vacation:D

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