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man on horse painted with reference.…
photo by Charles Keck
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It's like a dream, and it makes the imagination fly.

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The details and coloring are astonishing Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
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This is one amazing painting! Absolutely beautiful 😀
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Everything about this is so majestic.
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We ride together for victory, for truth and for honour!

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Awesome picture - instant fave and watch! Love 
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The first thing that pops up in my mind when i see this is.... A song of ice and fire saga...
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Can't decide which is better.
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I love the wings! This is awesome!
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I can't help but feel a Song of Ice and Fire vibe.
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Painterly goodness :) I love your style
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The amount of detail that goes into this picture and the amount of work it must have been to create the correctt flow of this picture is amazing. I commend your skills
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love the griffon.
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This is straight badass, pardon my language. And my god, the sheer level of detail is staggering, from the individual feathers on the Gryphons wings, to the shading on pretty much everything... This is just amazing, excellent job!
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This is so amazing and gorgeous!
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I'm soooooooooo jealous. :omg:
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I love the idea of this, and the picture is so wonderful- if only they could turn it into a movie. 
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Oh stunning! What was this inspired by?
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OK Now I want a griffon IRL. Scientists get to work >: o

XD anyways this is awesome !!
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This is so beautiful that I put it as a background on both my computers (Personal use only if may use them if not I will remove them from my computers). I love both the griffin and the horse, they are so awesome together.
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