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Harder to paint than I thought! XD

Print available here :…
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My husband said this should be called "Deadline" xD

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holy sh... just the idea of this image, and then so amazingly executed.. wow :o

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I think the guy in that skyscraper is about to have A Very Bad Time.

Stunning work!

OMG this is amazing!!!!

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Jeepers.😱 This just blows my mind. Everything. The concept, the composition, the colour, the light, the thought conveyed... Simply superb! 👏🏻👏🏻

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I just got my printed version from society6, I'm in love <3<3<3

The concept is brilliant and fascinating, the reflections gorgeous, the colours breathtaking (OMG those vivid blues and golden lights...) I love how the natural light outside, and the lamps inside blend together so perfectly. Not to mention that the glass is so realistic, just how is it possible! That's witchcraft LOL 
I'm desperate to know more about what's happening in the picture. It could inspire writers to create entire sagas and universes from it. 

But I agree with the comments that say that the man is like the dragon of the city, and he looks so calm and relaxed, the creature is definitely on his side. With such an ally, no wonder he's so confident XD

Thank you very much for sharing that wonderful masterpiece! 
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Thank you so much for buying a print! :) Glad you like it!
Yup, the dragon is on his side.
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I think its safe to say that man and the building are fucked
for some reason i am imagining this line.

"Ten years of backstabing and lies. Ten years of bribing officials and denying as much from his employees' hard gains as he could. Ten years cruel firings simply so he could have a cheaper employee. When the dragon came, with all its fury and size, a preternatural beast that defied the veyr laws of physics by its aiblity to fly, he realized all he had was fake. For his life as about to end to True power."
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I adore this concept!! So amazingly executed!
"Yikes! Who invited that THING?!"
"Uhh, that's a dragon!  Also, I'm not so sure if it's here for our hospitality . . ."

Very Nice work!  I'm sure it must have been difficult, but in my opinion, it's very well done!
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This raises the question whether the dragon was invited or not...
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''I'll have to call you back..''
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I saw this piece of yours first on Youtube instead of here. My first thought was I recognize the style and had to see if it was you in the info on the page.… I will say, pretty mighty music with the artwork.
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Thanks! :) Yeah, nice music!
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Your most welcome. They seem to use a lot of your art and create some really good compositions that work well with it. I'm glad I could share with you.
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wo :o that's coool
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I would like to see more details on this art. :) Still love it
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Lowfyr tends to take a "hands-off" approach to personnel management. One is generally better off NOT trying to consider the circumstances which have caused him to personally "fire" an employee...
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This piece is fantastic, as always!
I just wanted to know if you were aware that the company Wix is using your art in promotional material on twitter?
Heres the direct link to the ad:…
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This won't end well. LOL
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I thought this was a photomanipulation for a second omg
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That's awesome. Not for the man in the window, he's f***ed up, but for me, it's totally awesome.
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