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Red dragon

This was commissioned by
This dragon will also be for sale in limited quantities at Gencon Indianapolis as a playmat!

Laptop kin and cushion :…
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How I look on monday. Great work!

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Can I use it for a comic?

Wow this is fantastic!

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I just wanted you to know i found this picture on someone else´s account. Obviously stolen.

Dragon 2 (colour)
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Hello Zaphiria. I wasn't aware this was on someone else's account. Thank you for informing me of this.
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Ohhh so your the artist who does these!!! WOUNDERFUL WORK!

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The dragon looks amazing! Seriously, how do you even?

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Such a mighty beast it looks absolutely perfect 
Hello, I sublimate pictures to make murals and other decor and was wondering if it would be possible to get your permission to use this picture and possibly some of your other amazing work. I would not claim it as my own and would give you full credit, I just find your pictures cool and would lover to work something out.

P.S. I can send you a picture of an example of what I have in mind if you so wish.
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Hi dear friend,
I'm an author and for sharing my thought and some small pieces of my book on my Instagram and personal website, I need some pictures to be close to my thoughts. I would like to ask you is possible, with your permission share this picture with your credit and copyright information there. I really appreciate your beautiful work. Thank you.
Hi, I would like permission to use your Red Dragon image for a poster for a children's publisher.  Would you please contact me for more info?
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Fire Dragons are quick tempered species since they are made out of magma and fire, one single fire breath can lead to a burning pain. They live in volcanic areas or magma lakes, it's best if you avoid them since they show harm to anything.
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Greate Fire Dragon: These monsters are far less agressive than there younger (and smaler) counterparts. They became less like fire and more like lava. Slow but nearly impossible to stop. But that doesn't mean that the flame of there younger days is long gone. Angry greate fire dragons fight with a heat like the sun itself and usualy go completly berserc in fights.There powers over heat and fire have grown so much, that there mere presents turnts the land into an apocalyptic kindom of fire and lava. Mountainlike volcainos, seas of lava and even meteorimpacts have decemated whatever land this was before its arrival.
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can you give me the permission to draw it Meow :3
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Wow your artwork is amazing.  The attention to detail and the anatomy of dragons is on point.  Highly impressed, you just earned yourself another watcher.  
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Hi! I wanted to informate you about my artwork I drew, because I took some inspiration from this work and thought you'd like to see it!
Here's the link: Purple dragon 
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1 thing just Perfecto
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Breathtaking quite literally. :)
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Wow! Everything in this is perfect!!!
Congrats to you!! :) This is just beautiful !
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