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Red Dragon v2

Done for Pastimes/gamermats. 
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DragonessBlueFlame's avatar
Your artwork is absolutely fantastic! Just out of curiosity, do you play the mobile game 'War Dragons' at all? 
ARTSeeker321's avatar
Such an amazing composition!
Sepron-Otaku72's avatar
Hey look, it's a Hellkite.
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...what a matching background for this fire breather.  well done.
Bladeninja76's avatar
Heh, back in action.
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
*says nothing, hits fav button*
MeowingZ's avatar
You sir, technically said something, I'm just trying to be a bitch :)
Midway2009's avatar
Awesome dragon! :boogie:
Luspear-Soram's avatar
This is cool. The red dragon shows a good affinity for volcanoes. :D
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
No words to describe how amazing this is. O:
JS2080's avatar
Can I use this photo as part of my music video, I'll put you in the description. thanks!
Mana-ghostwolf's avatar
Stop posting this! 
I've scene it twice now, I don't think anyone else wants to see this either.
Rhexxy's avatar
When I first saw this I thought you were talking about the and I was about to freak out!
Mana-ghostwolf's avatar
Rhexxy's avatar
The picture- my iPod likes to delete words I type sometimes, lol!
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