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Raven Altar - process

As requested. :)

The 3D software I used was Modo, but really, any 3D software will do.
Also, my modelling is terrible, since I haven't touched it for nearly a decade, but for this kind of photobashing purposes, I guess it's good enough.

When rendering, you can also render the alpha, the illumination and the surface id, which is a big help in selecting areas when painting later on.
If I had a little foresight, I would have set the green secondary light source in 3D. But I didn't, so I had to paint it in.
Also, if I knew how, I'd have changed the FOV, but I didn't. XD So the comp looks rather boring.

Hope it helps!
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I saw this on Pinterest and found you !! Thanks for the tutorial
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Nice work and thanks for the process! :D
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I'm learning Blender, to make something like this.
yeah totally agree, the modeling is terrible as F**k ! But good one on Photoshop.. at least the end result is okay !
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OHHHH I see what you did there. Clever name :P
WolfDreamKata's avatar
Waow amazing !
What program do you use for 3D?
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thanks for showing your method, its inspiring to see that one can use Zbrush and Photoshop together like this. I want to try this sometimes.
Do you have more artworks in mind which use a similar method? Could you write their name or link to them? I'd like to use them as inspiration, theres a particular scene that I've been thinking about for 10 years and this might be a good method to do it with :)
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You could take a look at the works of Eytan Zana, who is simply amazing at this kind of style.
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For me, it's even more impressive now that you showed you made a 3D model first! I think it shows you're giving importance to the underlying construction, and not making stuff up as you go along and hope it will fit somehow Phew!  (Sure, there are certainly people who know exactly what they're doing without a detailed construction, but hey...)
So: Thanks for sharing this!
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
... Oh! O_o Fascinating! :nod:
It's stuff like this here on DeviantArt that always gives me the sensation:
"Ah! So that's another way how it can be done! :D" ;P
Thanks for sharing this, sandara! :hug:
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Glad you found it interesting! :)
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This is incredibly impressive!
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It looks perfectly eery!
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reminds of this:D (Big Grin) spooky and nice outcome
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Such a cool concept! Thank you for sharing your process :D
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Cool seeing someone else use Modo. I come over surprisingly few who have used it unless I search for it. It's my favourite modeling software :)
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Very interesting process. Thank you very much for sharing!
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I thought the picture was all drawn! o: this is way cool! I love how you combined two different platforms into one amazing work of art!
Galidor-Dragon's avatar
Love the magic you create with anything!
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oh this is really interesting!! for some reason, i'd never really considered that artists would use software like this - i thought it was all done by hand, but this makes a lot of sense & takes a lot of time off the process. thanks for sharing it !! 
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...Yeah, I'd want to do something like this if I ever wanted to draw stairs for some god forsaken reason haha. Thanks for the tips!
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