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Poster for the local Pathfinder Convention in December. :)
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oh my gosh I love the unicorn and the rider.
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I imagine the unicorn jabbing its hooves through the skulls of his enemies while thinking:
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This is good, but I have to say I JUST LOVE THAT HORSE :##
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Is this inspired from King of Chaos?

I love that unicorn.
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No, is that a book?
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That is a Pathfinder tale part of a set. There is a side char elf paladin who rides a unicorn. 
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Ohh! well, This was an illustration for a Pathfinder event. :) I guess it fits.
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Ya I am a big Pathfinder nut. This picture makes me happy.
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This is like every fantasy I had growing up (still have *cough*), rolled into one awesome picture.  Thank you for sharing!
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"Behold my unicorn, bitches."

Awesome and epic.
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Finally a bad ass warrior woman with practical yet cool armor!
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sooooo well done!! beautiful!
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Warrior princesses on unicorns...Definitely counts as bad ass to me! Gorgeous!
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awesome pic great job I love it Love 
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This is incredibly beautiful!
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raster images composition vs vector images... urmmm Conclusion I can made here is "Your raster images is superb..."
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