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Halloween by sandara
Death's Carousel by sandara
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The undead unicorn looks amazing

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awesome horse 😍

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Something about the way he is smirking while looking at the smartphone really just sets the entire tone for this image. I don't comment often, but when I say I FELT this art, I mean it. Absolutely brilliantly done.

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LOL ... great graveyard humor!

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He's spreading Covid while checking his facebook messages from Death and War. I love the picture. You're art is amazing.

sandara's avatar

Haha, pretty much! In my mind he's just spreading the anti-vax messages on FB

Thank you :)

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When you haven't touched your phone for five minutes because your were busy and get over ten notifications.

Stunning work!

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is he holding a Phone?

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Very clever work, absolutely amazing!

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'Spreading the bubonic plague for the hell of it.' "And posted to my Twitter..." - Pestilence

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I think this is the first time I've ever really understood what the difference between pestilence and disease is. Awesome work!

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Love the barrier tape reigns

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