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Overgrown garden dragon

In an abandoned garden...

If you are wondering about the brushes used - Painterly Brushes

SlingBlade87 wrote a lovely short story based on this - The Bush Dragon
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Oliver's eyes lit up the moment he saw her.

"Are you...a dragon!" he squealed with delight.

The green floral, elemental stared at the young-ling human as a slight smile was born on her leathery face.

"Yes dear one." she replied warmly, her voice a firm but gentle rumble in the early morning air.

His eyes widened , his face drew pale, and his small mouth fell open.

"You don't eat..." he paused to swallow hard. " you?"

The elemental watched with mild amusement as the child lowered his head quaking ever so slightly as he continued to watch her.

"No dear one." she gently reassured "I wouldn't have any friends if I ate would I?"

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A dragon made of leaves is such an adorable concept!
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Awww, it's so so so so cute!!

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Such an adorable idea! :D Love it! :happybounce: :squee:

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Me after walking outside for 5 seconds and the coming back in.:D

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Stunning - will buy and donate this (among others) to a hospital for patients to enjoy - Well done!
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Get the stick..oh you are a stick
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This is amazing! 
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Because adorable.
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Dragon: Hi! Wanna play with me?
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Aww so cute and beautifully made ^^
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How absolutely adorable and whimsical!  I love it.  
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I love the light in this picture so much. The colours are beautiful.
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I now expect Pixar or Studio Ghibli to make a movie out of this. Hits all the right buttons! :3
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Awwwwww....what a cutie 
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