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Open your Mind

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Absolutely awesome <3

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I love this human volcano! 😂

Made my day 😊

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Close it! Close it back up again!

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When you discover a new Metal band you like.
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It's stunning 
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Oh, this encapsulates how I often feel quite well. Great piece!
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When inspiration comes...:D
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Epic interpretation of the power of imagination!
grapeshotmemory's avatar
This is an accurate representation of what it feels like whenever I get a new idea!
Madcarak's avatar
like her hair !
nekuroart's avatar
I love this so much, even just from the thumbnail. Super fun concept and execution! :D
Soulslayer317's avatar
talk about a brainstorm! lol
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Literally a “mind blow” i’d say haha! Makes me curious about the motif/symbolism behind the dragon/demon/skull that is portrayed!
Zambian's avatar
What was your inspiration for this?
sandara's avatar
Some black/death metal drama that went on in my country some time back. :)
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I love this so much. The lines you added into the clouds to stylize them and the skull are just so damn good! Nice work as always :]
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Oh wow, it took me some time and careful observation to realize there was an animal skull emerging from that orange smoke. :-)
I'd say there are many ways to "open your mind". This one, at least to me, is what a dramatic spark of inspiration feels like, sort of. :XD:
Just... BOOM! And voilà, a brand new idea. ;P
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When this happens, keep in mind that they respond to both fear and love-- and remember to breathe! It'll be over in a few timeless lapses, but appreciate it while it is 'now.'
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That must be one epic rock song she's listening too!
Caffinated-Pinecone's avatar
she doesn't look like she's in a good place
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"An open mind is like a fortress, with its gates unbarred and unguarded."
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