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Nightmares of Winter

i've been working a long time on this and it's more of less done. it's a cover for Robert Fannéy's book "The Nightmares of Winter", which is book 3 in his Luthiel series.

on the left side is the front cover, the right side is for the back.

check out books 1 and 2 : [link]
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O.O I love the blade!!! It's beautiful.
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I really enjoy your style. It has such a natural flow and draws your eyes to every part of the drawing. Thank you Love 
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A dramatic piece. Winter is a time for peace and celebration. It is always sad when people are away from home and fighting to save others. Judging by the cover, it must be a good book. Nicely done.
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that made me whoa!
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
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Oh my God. This is fantastic.
I think you might be my new favorite thing
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Which tool did you use for the glow/mist/thing around the sword?
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this is amazing.
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Amazing pic. Love the way the colors blend from the birds and forest to the mountain backdrop. Especially love that someone understands the concept that strong female characters in the fantasy genre DO NOY wear armor as a seduction technique...but as actual armor. All in all, a great piece.
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I love the girl's intense face with her sword! :D I think the flock of birds are just flawless!
your dragons look epic!
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I love the image, particularly the contrast between the red and the blue. Great work :)
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oh thats full of epic awesomness
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This artwork is so beautiful that makes me want to read the book. Really.
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That blade is amazingly done!
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My newest wallpaper. Thanks!
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Very clever, Love it! ^.^ *fave*
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