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My brushes

My brush set. I only use a small selection of brushes 99% of the time. I have a ton more brushes, but they are specific custom brushes, rarely used. :)

Here are links to several excellent artists' brush sets.

Jonas DeRo : [link]
Leventep : [link] (doesn't seem to be working for me, but you guys can give it a try)
Algenpfleger : [link]
Ditlev : [link] and [link]

For the beginner artist, though brushes are not everything, they do in a way affect your style of painting. It's helpful to play around with a range of brushes and find what you like.
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Thank You for being awesome!

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Thank you so much!

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sO MUCH greatful

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Nossa qui Brushes. obrigado.

thanks so much !!

Great job, Thanx a lot..:)

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Thank u so much!

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Ha! I was looking for that 6th brush for SOOOOOO long! Damn, finally, I cant even express how happy I am. xD Thank you. :)
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Thank you 
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I'll try it out, thanks!
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Thanks so much for this set :)
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aw maaan. I want this sooo much!
just what I was looking for: a concise set of good brushes. no pile of dozens of brushes I will never use.
this is perfect!!
sad the link isn't working.  :(
are you planning on oferring these on any other link, pal?
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