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My Heart Jumped

When I saw you

edit : corrected some stuff :)
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Beautiful piece, lovely sense of motion and fantasy mixed in with the realistic background!

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Is trhis the full image? I'd love to have this as playmat! I discovered your art recently and it's VERY emotional.

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Yes this is the full image. :)
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Aw, wish it was playmat sized but it would look quite blurry, i want you to know that your art is emotional and makes me want to cry on some pieces, this one may be my favourite, just pure beauty. I found out about it from peter crowley, the song that used this art fitted perfectly and the combination is what i describe as beauty.

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I love the magical feel in this and the warmth compared to the dark! I'm in a colour class right now, and someone shared your work with the class as a reference. I'm really glad they did, because I love all of the emotions from the colours you choose, in your artwork. This is beautiful! 
Feels good!!!
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The horse rider in me is concerned that the girl no contact with her seat! haha
Love this. It definitely needs a story to go with it.
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Thats a really bad pun.
Beatiful! But "My Hart Jumped"? Really (OK, I'm laughing)
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awwwwww rly like your colors and brush strokes Love :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: I think I've fainted.  !! 
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for sure was something like "aaaaaaaaaaa !?" and she runs away xD
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So elegant!!!!
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Hi, I'm always looking for pictures like these that have something hidden behind them; a story that can only be imagined by those looking at it and can only be known by the artist, or maybe the artist doesn't know the story themselves. 

Anyway, this picture has inspired me and I want to write it down. I was wondering if I could use it as the cover for the story that I imagine goes behind it. Of course, I will give you 100% credit, although I may add words over it, like the title and "By Meowmeowgrrrl123." 

I will only post it here (if I post it at all), and I swear your name will be on it. 

-Meow Mikesdottir 
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Hi, I am so sorry for my late reply! I don't know if you wrote that story, but if you did, feel free to post it with this as the cover. :)
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That's alright! Honestly, I kinda forgot about it. But I'll work on something with it. Thank you! 
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Amazing scene! Beautiful lighting!
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Nice! A really well performed speedpaint. Gotta say I love that brush you're using!
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Lovely work, such an interesting story the piece tells :D
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This is gorgeous. And kind of punny when you think about it.
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