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Getting ready for the day. :)
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Must be working for the librarian.

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So beautiful <3 He looks just Great. Thanks for it

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Beautiful. ^^ :heart: Love the way you managed the 'taur and the setting. :love:

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How long does it take you to finish a painting?

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It depends on the complexity, but something like this takes about 8 hours.

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

Ooh... :O_o: Cool, a feline centaur! :D Or maybe centaur-esque sphinx. :greetings:

Either way, a very cool creature design right there! :thumbsup: :+fav:

sandara's avatar

Thank you! :) Hope you're doing well!

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

So far, so good. :greetings: Haven't caught even the seasonal flu this autumn,

probably thanks to regular washing of hands and the use of a mask. :D

And likewise, I hope you're doing well too. :wave:

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Hmm... This is interesting: a cross between a sphinx and a centaur.

The thing I like about this work is that while pleasant, it shows that such a creature would be inelegant. That's of course coming from the standpoint of the laws of nature. As long as we're talking fantasy, a little magic can help with that.

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Why can't we live in a world with casual sphinxes getting ready for the day? D:

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Great work. Just amazing

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Simply Superb Artwork!!! Superb Mindblowing :headbang: :squee: :popcorn: :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a

paul-rosenkavalier's avatar

That's wonderful! I love the juxtaposition of so fantastic a creature in such a calm and straightforward day-to-day scene. :)

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...most excellent work...:heart: ....

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Wow, this is pretty awesome! Very unique character and I love her! :happybounce:

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Hats off to this wonderful work :)

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Yeah, that's fantastic!

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Awesome work :D

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