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Merlion vs merlion!

What is this merlion? - It's my country's mascot.…

my fb :…
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is this for sale?

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AHHHHH!!!! I was wondering who the artist of this drawing was!

Omg!! You're singaporean too! ilysm <33333 SG represent!!

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Now this is AWESOME!!! Great to see works from my country’s people! My interpretation behind this is that, apparently, the great Greek god, Poseidon, attacked Singapore for some reason, and sent one of his animals, Merlion, down to Earth to wreck havoc on it.
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Lol i’m Singaporean too:)
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holly Godzilla!
You should seriously make this one buy-able--it has such presence! I know I want it.
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Killer piece!
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Beautiful! I never knew you were Singaporean until I stumbled upon this deviation! Fantastic, and I am so proud of you as a fellow Singaporean!
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So is the real Merlion pleased with the likeness humans have made of him
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Oh my gosh this is stunning!  La la la la 

Wooo Singaporean pride!! Singapore 
" know what? I WILL have that 4th daiquiri after all."
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This looks like a creature straight from magic the gathering!!! 
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Oh my gosh how long did you take on this one? seems like extra detailed
this is awesome!!!!
now THIS is a cool mascot - 🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍😍😍😍
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I just love lions, but i used to asociate them with fire...
A water-lion that´s deep and beatifull...
I really, REALLY like this piece.
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We would be so screwed if something like that existed.
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