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Mad Max - War Beasts

Because I can't draw vehicles. :D

Mad Max Fury Road fan art!

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Yeah nope!!! F*** NO!!! Not fighting that. BADA** though! Love it!

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Is gasoline like water to these creatures?
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Must be an artist thing cause I'd have thought this would be a lot harder to draw than vehicles.
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Jesus, that good.
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Oh, what a day!  WHAT A LOVELY DAY!
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If Game of Thrones took place in a setting like this, then yeah, I'd watch the hell out of it!
What would the wives ride?
MethusulaComics's avatar
wow. all I can say is.... wow.
"Because I can't draw vehicles."

Haha sweet!
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More guns equipped to the beasts and this would go as an awesome Dino Riders, Mad Max crossover. Epic
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Not gonna lie this is amazing.
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Great! Congratulations.

Fernando Coutinho
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What a amazing interpretation about the movie
Algarvian assault. Would be great illustration for Harry Turtledove novel "fall to darkness".
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I would see that movie :)
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Sometimes, when I think what will happen if HTTYD took place in the future/ apocalypse, I imagine stuff like this.
Can't help but love this dude! :D
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With nuclear winter and VALHALLA? :D (Big Grin) Sure, possible. 
So, the question is how cruel are we allowed to be doing this.
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That is awesome!!!!!
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Your killing me with so much epicness! Mad Max in fantasy world. So this would have been like if Skyrim and Fallout had a baby XD
Gosh, every arts of yours is the best!   
This is simply amazing, best crossover I've ever seen.
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FUCK YEAH it rocks
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