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MLP Villains - Nightmare Moon

I guess since a lot of people commented that my previous black mountain unicorn looked like King Sombra from MLP, I'll be drawing the trio of villains - Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra.
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Yes amazing 😻

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I've been wondering for so long (since 2018) who drew this! This is so good! Love Nightmare Moon and Luna in general.

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Wow, this is so amazing!

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This is beautiful! I love princess Luna <3

On a small side note, the user @/adcef1287 posted this on their own account without credit. I left a comment on their post with your tag and the link to this original art piece. That's all I plan to do and this is just to let you know about it, thank you!

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I love the colors you used in your art! Fantastic!

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This is just absolutely amazing and stunning, beautiful artwork ^v^
Man, oh, man, Sandara, This picture of Nightmare Moon is epically beautiful! And I'm wondering if maybe you can draw Daybreaker-- the maleficent alter ego of Princess celestia.
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Holy...WOAH!  This is amazing!…

These folks are taking your art and selling it.
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As someone else mentioned, some website is selling prints of this piece on bedsheets. I assume they stole it from you? :/
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Do you know you art is being used and sold on bed sheet sets? 
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The night is dark, the night is evil, the night is the darkness of nightmare moon.
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Amazing!!! I love how you made her graceful yet scary! Wonderful job!
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oh damn

dis good art <3 <3
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That's so fantastic! :D
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Ok, I'm not an MLP fan, but this is amazing!
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It's wonderful and amazing! Your works are everytime magical and fantastic!
I love how you make her, realistic, badass and creepy!
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Wow! That is a different interpretation of Nightmare Moon. Cool picture. :D
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I love all four of your current pictures, any chance of seeing any of the other bad guys from the show in your art style, I.E. Siren form dazzling, Tirek, Armaspii, Ahuizotle, schmooze, etc?
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I love this picture, so awesome
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Good night time horse! so pretty
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I love a realistic Nightmare Moon, and this is pretty good. I love her head and expression!
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It's so awesome. Your art is so good.
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