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MLP Villains - King Sombra

The poor guy who has about 5 lines in total.
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all hail the king!!

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Oh wow I love how u drew King Sombra an he is my favorite character out of all of the My Little Pony Characters

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Amazing! Just wow... I'm speechless...
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my fav "villain" in the show after Nightmare Moon, well done as always :D
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Damn...I don't like MLP at all...but this is really REALLY good
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Amazing! Epic! Awesome!
You make him perfect and realistic and badass!
Great work!
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Wow...this look is amazing and beautiful.Amazing Unicorn.
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Awsome shadow horse! That stance!
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I haven't checked the wiki but I'd insist anyway on Sombra being a horse, not a pony 🤔
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Thats a good estamate.
I think they were trying to make him the MLP:FIM equivalent of Sauron who was more about presence as opposed to gloating. 
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Cool... just amaizing
looks amazing!!
looks very evil!!
great picture!
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Yeah! That is so cool!
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that is so damn epic holy fudge
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This is so EPIC!!!
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Only 7 words
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When I saw this:

/    \         /     \
|(o)|        |(o)  |
\__/         \__/
     |         |

This is AMAZING :D :D
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