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I need this book!
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this is truly beautiful 
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Beyond beautiful work. Like all of your pieces.
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Oh my goood i love this! are them Lúthien and Morgoth?
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I like the detail you put into it and the idea behind it.
CrazyCez's avatar
Beautiful, simply beautiful.
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Did someone say Hades and Persephone? I highly disagree. Read the Silmarillion. If you think this fits H&P now, you won't after reading the story of Luthien singing Morgoth to sleep so she and Beren could steal the Silmaril from his crown.
LordoftheVillains's avatar
This reminds me so much of my mother...I miss her lullabies...Sleepy 
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Wow, absolutely gorgeous. I love how well she and her harp encapsulate this certain elegant beauty amidst the gloom.
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A demons Lullaby  U w U
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Great work with the lighting.
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Well this could be the another hades and persephone art...I think :D I ♥ it!!!
Hades and Persephone?
"Design Your Way" posts things on my Facebook timeline, and this is the second piece of yours they've posted, and I must say, I'm hooked! Love your style sandara! :)
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I was more thinking Hades and Persephone, from Greek Mythology.
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Ah I see it now. Just the design of Hades reminds me if the fawn from Pan's labyrinth. But that being said, this is still really well done and detailed
So beautiful and calm
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Interesting, very well done.

Are her legs turning to wings?
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