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fanart of Lucifer from the Sandman / Lucifer comics. Saw that they were making a pilot tv series based off the comic.... as a police procedural show ... (edit) it's GOOD phew!

(I still can't draw human forms properly =__=;;;)

Pose ref from Le genie du mal statue

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This reminds me of a scene in my own book om Wattpad, It’s so fascinating 😱
you can refer some art and photos to i think that you have a good expression of some art
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holy crap I love this so much I would love to use this for a video. If you would don't made I would link you're home page & link the art work.
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Better than lucifer on the tv show
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I really thank you for this words, show sooooooooooo pop, it's shit
Love this art. And comics about him.
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wwwooooooowww i love it ❤❤❤
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why is a fallen angel be this really really really classy and so handsome no wonder people would give in to temptations
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i mean if a ridiculously handsome or beautiful person made a super smooth sails pitch i don't think many people would be paying attention to what's said just agreeing with them and going with it lol
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yeah I like the comic art
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The show is awful. They kept the name and changed the rest. OOC all the way. Fromt he trailers you could see where they went wrong.

It would have been a fine show, just don't act like it's based on the comic.

Sorry, I had to vent.

I guess you could say "...I'm in need of some restraint."

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ohmygosh! this is stunning <3
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This is brilliant. Why do the 'bad guys' have to look so darn good?
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Glorius and great art work.
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If Lucifer is so handsome I ask myself why to be good XD Bad seems better !!ahahah
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very very fine!
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Nah naah he looks fine! Very fine! 
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I think he'd actually retain his looks that he had before his fall, but probably developed a psychopathic personality that that villain is extremely proud of (I mean in real life). This was amazingly well done- congradulations!
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Love that character and the painting is beautiful!
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The prince of darkness never looked so amazing ^^
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Well, it looks nice hahaha (maybe some parts look a bit odd, but, seriously, this is awesome)
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