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Loki's Children
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Published: May 31, 2012
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Fenrir the wolf, Jörmungandr the world serpent (looking a little small here) and Sleipnir the 8 legged horse.

Sorry for not putting Hel in... XD


Avengers movie : Seriously, Loki is wayyyy too cute. A villain shouldn't have puppy dog eyes and heart-meltingly sweet smiles and handsome to boot. XD
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bounce121Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful art :squee:
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GreywolfDrawsStudent Filmographer
Awesome pic. I think Loki is cute too. +favlove Loki's Personal Breeze +favlove 
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Thor: "You did it with a Mare!?"

Loki: "I WAS the Mare."
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IntellartStudent General Artist
Interesting to know that Odin was the father of Fenrir and Sleipnir, while Loki was the mother and gave birth to both himself.
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JuanjosexdStudent Digital Artist
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Jokerfan79Student General Artist
Oh though I'm not an avengers fan
This is amazing beyond words
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SvenWolfstrom92Hobbyist Artist
Loki's been a busy... er... um... trickster
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Tundra-Fox-StormStudent General Artist
I love this so much! <3
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He gave birth to Sleipnir while disguised as a female horse...He takes his disguises way too far.
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jujupaintsHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it!
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90pringlesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think we should keep this lo-ki
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schwarzeeisHobbyist Digital Artist
this is love the composition and the whole's always nice to see new takes on mythology.well done.
best wishes 
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I'm sorry but did you just call that thing SMALL!?
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RedRavenRiotHobbyist General Artist
A proud father if I've ever seen one. 
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UniversumnewhorizontHobbyist Filmographer
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Makes me want to find out about their mothers...
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Loki had a wife who was a jötunn (or giant) and they had Hel the ruler of hellheim, Jörmungandr the world Serpent, and the wolf Fenrir. The horse Sleipnir... well... Loki’s kinda it’s mother... for some reason Loki shapeshifted into a mare and gave birth. I don’t think it’s ever explained why
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It was probably after a very hard night of drinking. I imagine family reunions were kind of... stressful.

Thanks for the information! 
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For context on what was said about Sleipnir's parentage; the reason Loki shapeshifted into a horse had to do with the building of the walls of Asgard. Basically Odin had promised to a wandering giant that if he could build the wall within a single winter, he could marry Freya. He was making good progress, so they had Loki go make sure he failed...he did that by transforming into a mare and distracting the giant's workhorse for the rest of the season.
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Loki was certainly open to new, uh, lifestyles! And species...
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Man Norse mythological was weird?
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coos111Hobbyist General Artist
Funny story about Sleipnir. The horse is Loki’s child, but he’s not the father. Nope, he’s it’s mother. 
While not talk about in the comics/movies a lot, Loki is a shapeshifter. In the Norse legend he turned into a mare and found himself/herself a stallion and did what 2 adult horses do...
Later, he’d give his 8-legged horse to Odin as present.
As to why or why he bothered going threw the effort... uh...
I like to think, that he was planning some kind of practical joke on Odin, but Loki forgot his punchline and Odin liked the horse, so he tried to make it a genuine gift.
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Sonnenkatze346Hobbyist General Artist

This is a realy good picture for representing Loki and his childern. Even if it is Marvel Loki and not the real Loki of norse mythology. But it is a prefect way of blending both together.

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