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Artwork done for hairytrout

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How do you make the water? It looks so hard to make and must have token a lot of time

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I'm writing a fanfiction, and I'm looking for a picture to use as the thumbnail. May I use this one? Full credit would be posted in the description or the beginning of the story.

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May I use this as a chapter cover for my story?

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I'm sorry, this image is copyrighted to the person who commissioned it.

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I see. Okay, I'll ask them.

This is beautiful!

this illustration has actually dragged me into digit drawing - EPIC drawingHeadbang! 
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Works like these make my jaw drop :D 
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Kinda got me to thinking that a battle between the Kraken Vs the Leviathan :) I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT HAPPEN :D
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You thought the Kraken from Sea of Thieves is scary? Let THIS Mofo sink i- ... ... ... ohhh, poor Choice of Words! ^^;
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Awesome drawing!
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soo cool!


Steps by artbyklaudiajozwiak  
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Be a fisherman, they said.

It's great pay, they said.

You'll see the world, they said.

Oh, I'm definitely seeing something alright - the inside of this monster's stomach!
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It’s great, right!?
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Best decision of my whole god damned life!
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Yeah! *jumping high five*
Exempdent's avatar
*Freeze frame jumping high five*
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Hey I am looking for Art for my mod pack background and I was wondering if I could use this if just credit you and request permission or do I have to buy
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Someone has copied this without your permission, just thought i might let you know. Colored leviathan by chill7
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Sorry, I deleted my copy of this art.
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This is so awesome!
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I love this! Amazing!
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