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Lava mermaid

By sandara

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An illustration based off my previous concept.
Inspired by a little story from my friend Katie 
"A mermaid wanting to leave the boiling hot depths near the earth's crust and swims up towards the light as her body slowly hardens and it becomes harder to swim.... she beholds the sights and sounds as at last she finally feels free, as she gives out her last breath, she sinks down near the sands she reached and corals bloom on her surface...."

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SERINAceRES's avatar

"Oh man that is so cool!" was my main thought when I saw this! Noice!

cullyferg2010's avatar

Reminds me of Ta-Kai from "Moana".

DavidEMartin's avatar

Fascinating concept !

oki440's avatar

thats beatifull, thank you for it

CanysMajoris's avatar

It is a suck precious for my eyes, I love it <3

I LOVE this!!!

cyrad's avatar

This is beyond cool. It makes me want to play a merfolk ifrit in Pathfinder.

MechaG11's avatar

Beautiful work

camelotcrusade's avatar

Wonderful and original! I hope she doesn't turn into a rock when she gets wet! ✨

clearwater04's avatar

Now that's definitely different and something I have never seen before. Very creative.

MeridithRose's avatar

I... *cough* lava... this ^^; :heart: The concept, the way the fire is glowing and also the overall composition of color, posing and art style. Now I am imagining a whole lagoon island with a lava pool in its center and fiery creature playing in it, also small volcanoes showing through flat water around it and fire spirits bursting out of them...

S-Bizzle's avatar

Phenomenal. Never thought of a mermaid, a water creature, being made out of a different element. Now we need air mermaids, too!

LauraMarzo's avatar
I really love your style!
sSNEJIKk's avatar

wow its so cool!

cordelianerd's avatar

Amazing concept!!

Cyndergirlonly's avatar

I love the way the red and oranges of the mermaid contrasts the scene in such a way that you can almost feel the heat. It's such a stunning piece

ARTificialphanTOM's avatar

Really nice idea. Great work.

That is so beautiful. Godly work!

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