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Large Dragon enamel pins

Designed by me. :)

You can purchase them here :…
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Awww the baby dragon pins all grew up! I've been wearing the baby dragon pins at work and people love em. These designs are awesome! x3

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Hello, I am aleen. If you need a partner to customize these exquisite enamel pins for you, please don't miss me who can provide best quality and best price for you. Believe me and you won't waste your money.

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Need. But, must, wait, until, payday!

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Yay! Dragons reign. S.

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Is there another place I can buy these? I want them but don't know the site.

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I am not sure, actually. Sorry!

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how do you manufactured it? at home or from a company?

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I am not the one who produced them, I only did the design. But these things are usually factory produced.

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what factory did you make them produce it? i have some designs too i want to produce

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I'm sorry, I don't know what factory they used.

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then how did you receive them?

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Gamermats are the company producing these pins. I only designed them. Gamermats mailed some to me as thanks for the work.

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they're in....the states -____-llll

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wooow cool :o I really love the first 2 :D

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The pins are stunning! Especially the white and the green dragon!:heart:

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These are damn stunning, Cant wait to add them to my pinboard/wear them on my pouch set.

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These are so rad! Just picked up a set to split with some friends because I love me some cool dragon merch :D

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Thank you ! :)

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what company did you use to make them?

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