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Another little critter. :)
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an adult version of it would be so cool!

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I love this , its like a mix between a baby finch and a kitten!
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smushing cuteeeeeeeeeeee
Wow! The Blend is fantastic! Love it!
SkyeKelrose's avatar
Oh woooow. He is so cute!
VincentGordon's avatar
nice balance of blending the different animal forms. cute
Snowleopardowls's avatar
KittyCatKita's avatar
This is so absolutely adorable! I would love a plush of it XD
Rosier-Sama's avatar
prettyforest's avatar
Omg this is soo cute!
SilverSugar's avatar
I need to hug it like so bad you don't even know. There's a physical ache in my heart--too cute!
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Awwww... so cute! :aww:
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Cuuuuuuuuuuutie, its eyes are LOVE!
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*gasps* It looks like something you’d find in Ark: Survival Evolved Abberation! Things like the Featherlight, Shinehorn.....grrr, what are the others?
Onward-Conward's avatar
Was thinking the same thing.
ParanoiaMC's avatar
Bulbdog and Glowtail.
Lady-Stesonora's avatar
That’s it! Thanks! Out of these four, which ones your fave?
ParanoiaMC's avatar
Definitely the birb, Featherlight
Lady-Stesonora's avatar
Same! It’s kinda like a mini, not-on-fire-phoenix. But I do like the Glowtail too. It’s really cute.
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whata cute griffon *HUGS*
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