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fantasy style joker? X3


I'm so hyped after watch the Suicide Squad trailer! can't wait for the movie. :D

I like the sleek and clean look of Jared Leto's Joker; a nice change from Heath Ledger's grimy and gritty one.
But.... THOSE TATTOOS especially the Damaged one! I hope they disappear after he takes his chemical bath. Either that or he got them against his will or something. It's so ... weird.


Was there ever a Batman comic where it was set in some alternate fantasy universe?
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Well I saw this after joker 2019.

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cool and sinister
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Oooooooo dang dats awesome yo!!
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Looks like a sorcerer joker!!
shit thats cool!
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There have been three or more Batman stories set in an alternate fantasy universe, including League of Justice where the Joker is known as the Greiver, but if I may say so, he's not nearly as awesome as your depiction here!

Let me think

there has been league of justice, Dark Knight Dynasty and of course my personal favorite Batman Dark Knight of the Round Table!

Great Work you have here!
What, no crowbar? You could at least have given him a bent mace or something, for the fantasy depiction. A spear though? Errgh.. Sorry, I'm just not feeling it. It's really good art though, I can't deny that.
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we needed this after cancerous "gangster" joker in make me wanna commit suicide squad
chosen of the god of chaos
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Stunning artwork!!!

Britney Spears Huuh! 
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I can't be the only one who thinks the Joker is scary enough WITHOUT giving him magic to boot!
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Idk, Joker is more like a Rogue than some kind of Warlock...
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The joker once gained the powers of Mister Mxyzptlk
so he could have indeed used magic 

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A rogue that one time multiclassed into Demigod.
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a rogue is a silent killer, the joker is a pretty loudly guy, I think this one was awesome 
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Rogues don't have to bd silent stealth guys. Just lots of Dexterity and Sneak Attacks.
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it's hard to sneak when you are a loud guy
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It's easier if someone holds the victim down.
Love your work I like the overall effect and creativeness of this picture
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