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Fanart of the Ikati from C.S. Friedman's Magister's Trilogy.

My not-very-accurate take on her unique beasts.

From what I can remember from the books, they had insect-like wings, multiple pairs of them.

They had talons, but not sure how many pairs of legs they actually have. (I just gave them 2 here, since I was running out of space to put legs!)

Long whip like tail with a spike on the end.

Triangular snake-like head. (I just went for the regular dragon heads here)

Insect eyes (Too small to see here! XD)

iridescent scales all over their bodies.

Spikes on their backs.
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Oh my god HOW DO YOU DRAWW??????

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Your dragon artwork is phenomenal
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Mating Season again.
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Nice forms battling and twisting about.
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may i use this for my group icon you will be credited when its done?
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Rekli su ti vec da si malo.. eeee.. Nenormalni?? xDD Salim se. Inace bas dobro crtas
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I love your version. In the first book of the series you can see what they are supposed to look like though the art is small. What you did here is far better. better.
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Fangasm! One of my favorite artists doing fanart of one of my favorite trilogies! Uwaaaaah!
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Eish man!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! But... Has anyone noticed "Ikati" actually means "cat" in Zulu? Meow~
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Those colors.. the details and everything! Just perfect!!
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Wow! Excellent style! 
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SO what if these aren't 100% cannon, they are fantastic!  I am currently re-reading this series and it is wonderful to see art for it.
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Good job! i like the style!.
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Very well done, I like how semi transparent it is in different places of the image.
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It makes you want to roar or breathe fire!
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