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Hydra (DIPSY demo)

The painting I did for the students of Ringling for their DIPSY demo. :)
Thank you so much, for inviting me. :)

The original demo was about an hour, so I wasn't able to complete the painting. This painting has an additional hour added to the painting time.

The steps for the painting is here :…
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Hi there!  This is beautiful, I just wanted to give you a heads up that apparently there's some folks using your art for the header of their patreon.  They're making about $160 a month off the page.  I'm sure they checked with you and got your permission before they used your art for it, but juuuust in case:
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Hi Sandara, I saw your painting on the internet and i really liked it! I wonder if you could please send me it in a better quality, I would like to make a canvas with it for a gift. Thank you. 
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Finally found it! XD Came across this art in a video I casually came across,…, 2:44, and I wanted to see it since the link was there, And when I was looking through your gallery, I instantly recognized the first art of yours,…, that I saw in a song video... I think, Epicon...? Anyway, basically looked across your art and I must say- wait, probably just repeat what I said before XD But seriously, Amazing! :D (This might be my fav so far, just how the lighting and darkness that complements it so well giving that intimidating, fearful and ominous feel it should! :D)
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This is a beautiful picture. I especially love the atmosphere.
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I really like the purple color scheme.
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Oh wow that's beautiful!
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Cool! This drawing taught me that HYDRAS have 6 HEADS, not 3....
Amazing btw. Monsters are the best concepts to muse off of...
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This appears to have been used (in a butchered form) in The Sun [part of the Rupert Murdoch empire] newspaper in the UK:… 
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That's... hilarious and annoying at the same time. XD Thank you for informing me.
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i just did register to say that you have an amazing gallery  keep it up :)
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Thank you so much! :)
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Hello and I was wondering if I am able to use this picture so I can remodel and make a skin out of it for an online game and I need your approval to do so.
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Please reply to me so that I know that I have your permission and if you need to contact me. My email is
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I love that one head that is the second closest to the ground! It looks like a very evil cat smirk. Like the one from Alice In Wonderland?
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