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By sandara   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: February 7, 2017
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edit: the consensus seems to be, it's not cannibalism since they're 2 different species. :D
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KushiSenjuHobbyist Digital Artist
can I ask something?Do you do a lineart then erase it?
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I am with vicskywalker - like the roughness. Well done!
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NetherStrayHobbyist General Artist
It always warms my heart to see well-proportioned centaur/cervitaur/___taur. Too many people make the lower body the exact same size as the real world animal and don't scale it down in proportion to the upper body. 
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I love the rawness of this piece.
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have you mirrored the original picture?
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LtDemonLordHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, the little edit that you made. XD
Very nice. It reminds me of Harry Potter.
BornFreak's avatar
Perfect colour palette!!
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Absolutely breathtaking. And you're right. There are those who feel that centaurs are equine in nature, however they are more human with throwback genes and are definitely omnivorous.
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Creatr1xHobbyist General Artist
*cries* So beautiful.
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SenpaijaACLx3Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like she is about to shoot the deer in the ass xD
However I like the style and the beautiful moment :)
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kaseykmayProfessional Digital Artist
Gorgeous! I love the movement.
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Gothic007Hobbyist General Artist
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Neil-MacleodHobbyist General Artist
Nice work, like the concept and style :)
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Aw hell, when i first saw it, I wondered too if it was cannibalism. (Thought on the thumbnail it was a deertaur or however they are called). Wouldn't have thought it'd make such a huge discussion xD
However, lovely piece. I like the roughness of it and the colors are great<3
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Om-nom-nomnivoreStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, I really like the painting style you used here. The looseness works with the composition and I like the soft colors. Also I always appreciate it when people draw shirtless centaurs, because I feel like that's the way they aught to be!
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TanagerHobbyist Photographer
Love this! 
But I always did picture centaurs to be vegetarian... assuming they had more horse guts than human guts but I never actually THOUGHT about it until this image. 

Love the raw texture 
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I know this is a year later, just thought to add my two cents.  If you think about it, most the time centaurs are pictured with bow and arrows, so they must hunt something right?  I never thought about it before either, but most the art I can think of, on in movies, they are like rangers.  
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TanagerHobbyist Photographer
Hmmm it's true, but I never pictured them as hunters. They were warriors, so I figured the weapons were for warfare and self defense. 
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If you put a game camera on a gut pile.   Normally deer will get there before the Wolves, and eat it.    That's why Chronic Wasting Disease spread so fast through Wisconsin about a decade ago (being a prion disease it almost only transfers through eating).   Which is almost the same thing as mad cow disease, turning a brain to swiss cheese an all.
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AzhoStudent General Artist
"Keep running, Bambi! Don't look back!"
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