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Houston We have a problem

Artwork done for, who are hosting a large Magic:The Gathering tournament at the George R. Brown Convention Center, 14th-16th June. You can find out more about it here : [link] If you're in the area, do drop by!

They came up with the concept of the image, and I had a lot of fun working on it.

I'm also doing a batch of M:tG related artworks for them, which are very exciting, but you'll have to wait to find out about it!

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Just a lil problem...

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Somebody needs to write a story about this. It would be awesome.
Truly awsome! Though I have to ask is this part of a larger story?
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Danggg, this is awsome. Nice work +fav 
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Welp, my brothers and sisters have arrived, you humans do have a problem
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dragons! in SPACE! this is awesome :meow:
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Talk about one hell of an understatement there lol.  Visually beautiful and so wonderfully detailed on that red dragon.
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I called it a Wyrmhole and thought I was so clever, until I realized they had wings so at best it'd be a wyvern-hole, but the arms and legs would actually make it a drakehole...thus ruining my own joke. ._.
Ooo! I like this idea! But what's it about?
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And so they came, not to destroy or conquer us, but apparently because the wifi was so much better.

Awesome piece ^_^
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I can imagine the astronauts like "Dude, I just finished fixing that"
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Awesome beyond words!  I thought girls didn't like this kind of thing?  More into the Princess & Damsel in Distress stuff?
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you can't be serious XD
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Woah that is quite a problem. Nice bloody red dragon that stands out and cool portal.
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so amazingly done :3 I love how all the dragons are coming from the portal and I love all the colors you used here 
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We need Dragon-Slayers
Dragon-Of-Creativity's avatar
I'll protect all the dragons from the slayer's of dragons (Nice fairy tail reference St-Alpha)
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