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Homura Halloween

It's a bit early,'s Homura, Kyubey and various witches wishing you a Happy halloween! :D

I used to watch anime, but haven't had much time to do so nowadays. The last series I finished was Madoka Magica. I tried watching Attack on Titan, but I stopped after a few eps; I just couldn't get into it. Recently I read a few books of Terra Formars (quite gory, btw, if anyone is thinking of checking it out), in anticipation of the anime, but I doubt I'll be watching that one either.

Anyway, back to Madoka, I think it's one of my favorite series so far. It also helps that it's short, at 12 eps. I love Homura in ep 10; I've watched that episode about 4 times now. :D I've also watched Rebellion, but it's not as good as the main series. That fight between Mami and Homura was epic though.
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I think this is the best Homura art I know: it is both extremely qualitative and matches the original style almost intact.
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves most of the series except for that god awful 3rd movie that shouldn't exist!

Also yeah, Terra Formars is horrifying. I think a lot of fans really exaggerate, because the deaths in Madoka Magica are never like the deaths in Terra Formars, or Attack on Titan. It's not that bad!
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So frenching beautiful!
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Omg so many cuteness! :P
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Superb Homu. Thanks sandara
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-tilts head- contract?
-shudders- Sorry but Madoka Magica creeped me out.
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Those fluff balls have moustaches .-.
I love them <33
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Can you please hide that spoiler from Rebellion? ;w;
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My sister is going to love this!!!
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Purfect!! *O*
I love Homura x3
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very nice.  different from ur other painterly stuff
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hey , where my fav witch , elly ?
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How pretty!  The tiny little depicts of the various witches and familiars are very cute.
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the wicthes all there xD nice i love this
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Even Walpurgisnacht is in the palm of her hands.
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Madoka Magica huh?

I'm a big fan of fantasy and the use of magic in anime 

thx for the tip!!
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cant. fave. enough.

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such a good anime! and this is great! lol first time i say Kyubey I KNEW there was something fishy there... beady red eyes :/
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