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Happy Halloween! Ho Ho Ho!
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Is this available for purchase?

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Ghost rider halloween!

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This is amazing! Loving the perspective and the lighting and well, everything :D The horse looks amazing - and the other details as well, but I first noticed the horse. And the candy---- i just love it xD
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Very well drawn to say the least good sir.

Considering the fact that the Ghost Rider dude is holding a balance thing that has candy in it.

Is this guy supposed to be Halloween's equivalent Of Santa Clause? Where he rewards good boys and girls with treats? And if certain kids act bad? He takes their souls away and puts them into the empty weight of the balance thing (Similar to Krampus)?

If you could answer my question. That would be much appreciated.

I do hope you good sir have a wonderful week and Happy Halloween.

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Wow! Very menacing!
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I love this! Amazing!
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How long does it take to finish an illustration?

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This is so unbelievably gorgeous.

Would you be willing to allow a cross stitch pattern to be made out of it (strictly for personal use only)?
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thank you this made my whole day
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That reminds me (well, not me, my friends) of a poem from Baudelaire : Une Gravure Fantastique.
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Holy, epically phenomenal! This Surreal Flaming Skull Horseman is stunning and The Enchanting Skeleton Unicorn looks incredible. The designs, poses, expressions, jack o' lanterns, pumpkin patch, faces, carvings, burning flame, unicorn horn, candy balance scales candy, giant, bats, wings, ears, flight, mane, hooves, tail, spikes, bones, ribcage, suit, boots, pathway, terrain, sky, clouds, sunlight, rays, haze, debris, brush, roots, plant life, reflection, movement, effects, flow, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Unique! I like this very much, my friend!🖒😉
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I would love a wallpaper-sized version of this. :)
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O m g, it looks like Ghost Rider. Your art is still so amazing
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This is gorgeous! 
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Haha, I love how the candy provides such a bright, sunny, incongruous contrast to the scary grimness of the rest of the picture. That skeleton looks like it's having SO much fun passing out sweets. You know, it just occurred to me as I wrote that that I could totally see Jack Skellington doing this.
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