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Gu Zheng

also known as a chinese zither, i think.
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Who plays gu Zheng??? Anyone???
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A Zither was an ancient stringed instrument; for those of you who don't know.  Yet another "Beyond words picture."  Sure wish I had your talent, Miss Sandra  ^___^  That's what I'd wish for if I had a Genie  ^___^
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Wow! Your art is fantastic!
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The perspectice, colors, mood, scale..its all fantastic!
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Yes, amazing talent! Thanks!
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As talented as you are i am surprised you are not working for a major animation studio for real and again mystic and absolutely stunning!^_^ lol
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I second the motion, your honour. 

Might I say, did you intend for the... Hmm. One little thing here that I like is how you weave the FLOW of your various elements into each other, reflecting each other. The curves and flow of the horns and whiskers are recalled by the waves, which in turn are reflected in the robes whose flowing is echoed by the musician's long mane.
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Yeah i did!^_^ still awesome
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古剑奇谭   太子长琴 
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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Nuu Nuu:happybounce: Clap 
my reaction
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omg i love this!!!!!
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I'm blown away.
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so beautiful and powerful, I love this, your work is impeccable, thank you for sharing!
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This is the most realalistic art I've evr seen with dragons this is pure talent 
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oh YOU did that! Gosh, are all of my favorite pics done by you?
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:) thanks! glad ya like my art.
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:wow: You're really good doing dragons and the like.
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Beautiful :D It reminds me of the book Adara and the Ice Dragon from Gorge R. Martin
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