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Green angel


For an UN-CROPPED version of this print, please go to :…


Continuing on the color series of angels, here's the Green angel and her stampeding horde of creatures.

Commissioned by, though I'm not sure what they're going to use this artwork for. (A playmat, definitely, but I don't know for what event.)
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I created a MTG card using this if you want to see.

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Avengers!... Assemble.
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Gaia's Valkyrie 2GG

Creature - Angel

Gaia's Valkyrie can't be countered.

Creature spells you control can't be countered.

{2}{G}{G}{G}: Other creatures you control get +3/+3 and gain trample until end of turn.

{0}: Gaia's Valkyrie gains flying until end of turn. Activate this ability only if creatures you control have total power 8 or greater.


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This is like a war with the animals right in the scene and the girl riding looks fierce... I love it!

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I love this one. Reminds me so much of MTG (Magic the Gathering) :-) 
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świetna praca
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Pretty much how I feel conquering my Animal Care program in college lol. 
Very beautiful dreams ☺️✨
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I'm not sure if you've been updated, but this was used for a special edition playmat at PAX East 2017!
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The squirrels!
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Amazing and beautiful! Great art!
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Beautiful and inspiring. Is very common Big beasties appear in heroic pictures as this one here, but what most surprises me is the little ones, as squirrels and ferrets featuring in the front.
That remind us that God Give to us all, Bigs or smalls the right to fight for justice, freedom and happiness.
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wow... just.... wow.... Heart 
I am speechless.... Heart
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I've fallen completely in love with this piece! It's like all the animals are uniting to fight for their home! I am touched!
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Have i ever told you that i'm in love with your artwork since i saw this amazing piece????????
i love all five of your angels series. Will you consider making the purple one? Or the gold one? With six wings? Pleaseeee.....
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Cette image me touche beaucoup ! Je suis végétarienne à tendance végétalienne (VEGAN)  et je défends la cause animal  ! C'est un véritable hommage aux animaux de faire un aussi beau dessin ! MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!! :D
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By the power of Nature, CHARGE!! Let's destroy the horde  of evil robots! We will not let them eradicate all organic life on Earth!  Chocobo Knight  Chocobo Knight  Chocobo Knight 
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i like the jumping squirrel
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attack of fauna ^^ amazing, i just love the rpg-style in all your paintings, especially the armour <3
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