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Green Dragon

This was commissioned by
This dragon will also be for sale in limited quantities at Gencon Indianapolis as a playmat!
You can also get it as a laptop skin or cushion here :…
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Please, Mr Green Dragon... don't eat Mr Deer...

I did it Sandra!! I ordered you Green Dragon in the largest size possible on canvas. Make sure you get your cut!!!! It is going up on my living room wall. Right above the TV. (I will look at it more than the TV). TV is for the kid ;-)

I still think that deer need a big pile of poop behind it,. I know I would shit myself if that thing came out at me. haha ;-)



Hi! I found this image floating in the wilds of the internet, and absolutely love it.

I love your green Dragon! Green is my favorite color!

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Hey. Awesome picture. I got it in some free download site because it was the essence of the book I'm about to publish.
Would you object to me using it as my book cover?
I can give you a credit and a free copy of the book.
Can I buy it anywhere as a download? I would like to see this or others of your creations as a wallpaper :)
Wow, I love this picture. It's so beautiful. Keep it up!
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Nice dragon picture.
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This draw is really soothing.
The dragon, the stag and the forest look like linked.
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Grass Dragons are the type of dragon species where they are gentle giants towards to others. This one is no sign of harm to the deer.
Hence, Grass Dragons are gentle forest giants.
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i love how unique they all are! all of them look awesome in their own way.
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This has to be my favorite! Such a gentle looking giant.
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love the colours, an excellent piece of artwork, love it
..nicely done.... decent theme work and relating the subject to the landscape situaiton - o....
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Wonderful natural textures and illumination, lovely work
I had this as my wallpaper for soooo long and it was awesome!
You do beautiful work!!!!!
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HammerinInkminer's avatar, this is beautiful..  ...your dragon art pieces are clearly one of the best I've seen as a collective whole.  the scene almost always tells a story, and your dragons almost always look magnificent -- very nice.
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